How to tailor your ring

  1. Ring size chart

    Ring size chart

    How rings traditionally are measured depend on where you are located. Please see the International size chart to convert sizes. The measuring sys...
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  2. Yellow, red or white gold

    Yellow, red or white gold

    At Cornelia Webb we offer our Customized rings in 18k yellow, red, and white gold. For our plain bands, 9k yellow gold and Sterling silver is avai...
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  3. Diamond certificate

    Diamond certificate

    Diamond certification is an International system created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to evaluate the quality of a diamond based ...
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  4. Sizing


    As with ready-to-wear clothing, different sizes are used worldwide. How rings traditionally are measured therefore depend on where you are locat...
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  5. Come see us or we come see you

    Book a private appointment

    Please book a private appointment in our Stockholm studio to receive guidance and support from our team to create your special piece. We are also a...
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  6. Engravement


    Personal engraving is included with your purchase of Customized rings, and the engravement is done by hand by a skilled artisan locally here in Sto...
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