As with ready-to-wear clothing, different sizes are used worldwide. How rings traditionally are measured therefore depend on where you are located. Please see our size chart to convert sizes.

The sizes listed online with Cornelia Webb refers to the diameter on the inside of the ring which is the circumference, divided by pi 3.14. Please note we can make sizes also in between for example 16 and 16.5 - just leave a note with your order for special requests, if you for example would like the size to be 16.1 or 16.25.

Tips for measuring correctly

  • Please make sure you determine size from the actual finger and hand the ring is intended to sit (traditionally for wedding bands it is the left hand). For example, if you are right-handed, that is the dominant hand and then the left hand fingers then tend to be slightly smaller than on your right. 
  • Please consider the width of the ring. Wide bands are perceived to sit tighter on the finger and delicate rings appear more generous in size.
  • Please make sure to measure your finger with different body temperatures. Depending on temperature, the sizes of fingers tend to change. For example, it may be a significant difference of your finger between summer and winter, or after a work-out. 

Our team will happily guide and assist you further to determine your size if you feel insecure about the process.

We are also aware that sometimes the ring size might need adjusting even with the best intentions and preparation beforehand, if it is a surprise proposal for example, and we offer a re-sizing service completely free of charge.