Yellow, red or white gold

Yellow, red or white gold

At Cornelia Webb we offer our Customized rings in 18k yellow, red, and white gold. For our plain bands, 9k yellow gold and Sterling silver is available. We also offer platinum on request.

Pure gold consists of 24 karat. This means that 24 out of 24 parts of the metal are gold. The karat (k) system in place to measure the purity of gold is different from the carat unit of mass used to weigh diamonds and other gemstones. 

Due to being a soft metal, it is not common to use pure gold for engagement- or wedding rings in modern day. Instead a durable alloy of pure gold and other metals such as copper, zinc, palladium and silver leaves us with the fine metal fusion that is 18k gold, which consists of 75% gold and 25% complementary metals.

18k yellow gold has traditionally been the most common choice for wedding bands worldwide, however, along with white gold, red gold is more in demand among our clients than the more classic yellow gold. 

Red gold is a Nordic alloy and not to be mistaken for rose gold. 18k red gold is similar to yellow gold but presents itself with a slightly warmer tone. The red gold holds a little more copper in the alloy compared to 18k yellow gold and the result is a sophisticated gold nuance, with a hint of warmth. Pictured here, the solitaire ring is made in yellow gold and the eternity band is shown in red gold.

The white gold presents itself with a slightly dark silvery tone, and is a modern and sleek choice. 

Couples looking for engagement and wedding bands often choose matching fine metal, but we have many examples of couples wanting to mix fine metals according to personal taste - there is no right or wrong, no rules. You can customize your way to something truly special just for you and your partner, meaning that for example one of you may choose yellow or red gold and your partner may go for white gold, or platinum. We do it your way.

Our Customized rings are lovingly made locally here in Stockholm, and generally ready after 6-8 weeks upon ordering.