Make Your Mark

A positive fingerprint

A personalisation that goes beyond choices

Finger imprints are a long-time signature of Cornelia Webb. Now it's your turn to make your very own mark, and we'll make it a good one.

Your own unique fingerprints will be used in the Make Your Mark creation process, a personal signature set in recycled metal. Some prints show strong and some appear more delicate - the raw beauty of customization.

Make Your Mark is a service offered on site in our Stockholm studio, applicable within the Sculptural bands, Organic Bands and the Slized Signet Rings.

How it is done.

  1. Select your band
  2. Choose "Your own fingerprint" service (6000 SEK)
  3. You will be invited to Make Your Mark in our Stockholm studio
  4. Together with Cornelia you modulate your fingerprint in wax
  5. Patiently wait during production, 4-6 weeks

Planting a baby coral

While you make your mark here with us, you simultaneously make a positive mark in the ocean, and help restore damaged reefs. A baby coral will be planted in your name in the coral reefs of northwest Bali, Indonesia.

Since 2011, Cornelia has been deeply involved with Bali for inspiration and developing jewellery collections. To give back to the local environment Cornelia Webb has partnered with Karang Lestari and the Biorock© Coral Restoration Project in this region to highlight and contribute to the rebuilding of the reefs.