The last detail connecting the rings

Engraving done by hand

Personal engraving is included with your purchase of Customized rings, and the engravement is done by hand by a skilled artisan locally here in Stockholm.

Our typographies of choice

The engravement font options are the following:

  • English Lettering - a romantic, wildly cursive yet classical style.
  • Old Swedish Style - a slightly cursive with distinguished ancient times curves on capital letters.
  • Typewriter - a straight, texted option similar to an old typewriter's lettering.

If you would like to include a date, please consider the options of dashes, dots, and hyphens. Here are some examples of the most common choices if the date requested is September 27, 2023. 

  • 2023.09.27 or 23.09.27
  • 27/9-2023 or 27/9-23
  • 2023-09-27 or 23-09-27 

Please leave information for personal engravement in your order notes at checkout, and if you have yet to decide on it upon placing the order, we will follow up to collect your engraving wishes closer to delivery.