Our story

Cornelia Webb wants to create a modern world of jewellery where everyone can thrive by implementing a sustainable mindset throughout the full chain of connected hands.


With a vogue fascination of anatomy, Cornelia Webb explores the landscape of our bodies with a Scandinavian sense of aesthetic.

Balancing between the art of sculpturing, fashion and medicine, she creates jewellery with both the wearers and the supply chain’s well-being in mind.

Cornelia Webb’s on-going enviro-conscious concept embraces recycled metals, ethical mining and forefront gemstone creation.

Medical background

With Cornelia Webb’s background as former student of medicine, reiki, frequent yoga practitioner and her overall mindful attitude to life, Cornelia wants to create jewellery that actively encourages the wearer to consider the message, value and the full cost of what they wear.

"We are on a mission to redefine what luxury jewellery is defined as using modern craft, expertise, and innovation."


Since launching in 2004, the Stockholm based jewellery brand has established itself on the international luxury market creating seductive pieces celebrating organic elements and the human physique.

Cornelia Webb gained widespread attention early on amongst celebrities, tastemakers and International media, as well as representation with retailers such as L’Eclaireur in Paris, Browns Fashion in London, Joyce in Hong Kong, and Net-a-Porter.

Cornelia Webb has received the prestigious designer awards Best Accessory Designer by Elle Magazine and Guldknappen by Damernas Värld.

Refined modern craft

Cornelia emphasizes on craftsmanship, timelessness and environmental consciousness. Choosing to reinvent objects rather than just produce new ones, she carves out a new definition of sustainable luxury, refined modern craft.

Our design evolution


In 2006, Cornelia questioned what a piece of jewellery was defined as by draping chains over the body, forming metal garments and literally dressing you in jewellery.


Drawing inspiration from human anatomy, the Molded story was born in 2008.

Cornelia wanted to highlight the beauty that surrounds us, transforming metal into jewellery resembling the human skin.

Folded - introduced in 2010, this play on fluid metal came to be iconic.


As of 2012, the edgy statement pieces of the Slized story came to life, angular and spectacular.


Launched in 2016, the Distorted collection elaborates on the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine.


Our Customized made-to-order rings are an ever evolving story, inspired by Cornelia's own wedding in 2018.

The Customized collection perfectly encapsulates the radiance of a meaningful piece that will last forever.