Jewellery Care

We have a special love and respect for raw materials. Like scars and wrinkles on human bodies are signs of an eventful life, wear and cuts on a piece of jewelry will be signs of its story and memories made.



Brass is a soft and heavy material that ages beautifully. Brass may oxidise with time, embrace it or get the original colour back with a polishing agent for brass (one for copper will also work).

To speed the process of aging, wear it in the shower, leave it in damp rooms, and wear a lot of perfume or lotions. To slow it down, do the contrary.

90% of the brass production worldwide is actually re-used zink and copper. The brass industry depends on the recycling of brass scrap for its survival. Making brass from new copper and zinc would be uneconomical and wasteful of raw materials, so since new brass articles are almost entirely made from recycled scrap, brass is a sustainable choice. 


925 Sterling silver

Silver is a soft metal, softer than brass, so it can get nicks and notches with heavy use. It too oxidises and can be cleaned with a polishing agent (one for silver).

Oxidised 925 silver which loses its color, can be oxidised again with a special agent to get the blackness back.

Our base 925 Sterling silver is all recycled, an important step of our sustainable efforts at Cornelia Webb. 


Plated pieces

All of our plated pieces are thick plated on brass or 925 Sterling silver. Depending on use, all plated pieces will wear, meaning that they will become personalised pieces, each revealing in its own unique way.

To make your plated piece slow the process of ageing, make sure to remove your jewellery before contact with water, perfume, lotions or chemicals that can damage your jewellery, and avoid damp rooms.

Plated pieces can be gently cleaned with a soft cloth.


Re-sizing of open rings and cuffs

It is possible to adjust an open ring or cuff to get a good fit. 
The piece of jewellery should be adjusted after the purchase as it will never be perfectly round again, but a personalised piece that fits your body. 
Please note that size adjustment should only be done once. Bending metal back and forth will weaken it, and then eventually break. 


Rings in the Distorted collection holding claw set small stones are not to be adjusted. In this collection, the opening of the ring is a design feature. 

If the ring is manipulated the stones will not sit securely and may fall out. 


We hope you will love your piece of Cornelia Webb Jewellery, handle with above care and it will be your companion for years to come.