Our metals

Metals at large

All metal used for our Made-to-order rings are recycled, bearing the energy of both the present and the past.

At Cornelia Webb we offer our Customized rings in 18k yellow, red, and white gold.

Our plain bands are also available in 9k yellow gold, as well as 925 Sterling silver. We also offer platinum on request.

Metal Traceability

  • Circularity

    If you have deserted jewellery at home stamped 18k, 23k, or 24k and wish to include it in the process of creating your Customized rings, this is a service we are happy to provide.

    Our local foundry, BA Konstgjuteri, buys your deserted gold in weight per gram, and the value is deducted from your total purchase amount.

    The gold is sent off and recycled in larger batches for environmental purposes, meaning that your gold will play an important part in the continuance of the metal life cycle.

  • Recycling by C.HAFNER in Germany

    Founded in 1850, C.HAFNER is one of the leading European providers of products and services in the field of precious metal technology.

    C.HAFNER is the first and so far only refinery with a CO2-neutral recycling process and CO2-neutral gold. Carbon neutrality is the balance between emitting carbon and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.

    Non virgin gold has a carbon footprint that is up to 99.98% smaller than mined gold.

  • Imported to Sweden by NSG

    The recycled gold from C.HAFNER is imported to Sweden by NSG.

    NSG is one of Sweden's leading suppliers of precious metals, a family business operating since 1994.

    NSG affix great importance to the ethical and sustainable part of recycled precious metals, and is a reliable and valued supplier to our local foundry, BA Konstgjuteri.

  • Casted by BA in Skultuna

    Our designs are casted at BA Konstgjuteri, operating the iconic foundry of Skultuna.

    BA, established in 1970, is now led by the third generation of goldsmiths and craftsmen following the founder, Birgitta Andersson.

    Cornelia Webb was one of BA's first contemporary brand partners, paving the way for many talented Swedish designers who now rely on BA for their local production of jewellery.

18k vs 9k gold

The most classic choice and the very definition of fine jewellery is 18 karat gold, which holds more pure gold than 9 karat. 18k gold is a given choice for diamond rings as it is stronger and doesn't tarnish - a more durable choice and a heirloom to be passed on to future generations.

We offer demi-fine 9 karat yellow gold within our plain bands only, as 9k gold holds a higher proportion of other metals (62.5%), is softer and more likely to slightly tarnish over time. Despite being less durable than 18k gold, 9k gold is an excellent choice if you wish to keep costs down while keeping a premium feel. 

18k Yellow Gold options

Yellow gold has traditionally been the most established choice for wedding bands worldwide. Yellow gold is a classic and beloved choice of fine metal, yet in recent years, the red gold with its slightly warmer tone is having momentum. 18k yellow gold consists of 75.1% pure gold, 12.4% fine silver, 12.0% copper, and 0.5% zinc.
Red gold is a Nordic alloy and not to be mistaken for rose gold. Red gold is similar to yellow gold but presents itself with a slightly warmer, refined tone. Along with white gold, red gold is popularly requested among our clients. Our 18k red gold alloy consists of 75.1% pure gold, 7.0% fine silver, 16.9% copper, and 1.0% zinc.

White Metal options

18k White gold 

White gold presents itself with a slightly dark silvery tone, and is a modern and sleek choice. White gold is an alloy of pure gold and other metals, which also is the source of its colour. Our 18k white gold consists of:

  • 75.0% pure gold 
  • 7.5% copper
  • 3.5% zinc
  • 14.0% palladium

Our white gold rings are coated in rhodium, another noble white metal which provides both protection from scratching and surface lustre.

925 Sterling silver 

Sterling silver has a lighter tone that white gold, and the two combine beautifully. Sterling silver consists of an alloy of 92.5% silver combined with copper, zinc and platinum to increase the strength and hardness of the softer silver metal. 


Platinum has a deep, dark silvery tone and is one of the most durable noble metals, more valuable than gold due to its rarity and density. Platinum has a high price point as precious metals are priced by their weight. Our platinum offering is on request only.