Lab grown diamonds made from air

For a lifelong commitment to a better tomorrow

Diamonds made out of CO2

Aether diamonds are the world’s first carbon-negative, positive-impact diamonds. Each carat is expertly crafted from carbon extracted from the atmosphere using 100% renewable energy, directly benefiting our environment and providing unparalleled transparency and traceability. As the world’s only B Corp certified diamonds, Aether diamonds have set a new standard for social and environmental impact.

From pollution to solution, nothing to something. By pushing the boundaries of product design, manufacturing technologies and craftsmanship, Aether and Cornelia Webb are paving the way for a more beautiful and enduring future for both people and planet.

  • Step one: Carbon capture

    Direct air capture technology is used to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, setting the patented diamond production process into motion. This step has no geographic constraints and can be done anywhere in the world.

  • Step two: Chemical conversion

    Captured CO2 is combined with green hydrogen to produce high-purity Atmospheric Methane™, the hydrocarbon feedstock required for growing diamonds in a lab.

  • Step tree: Rough diamond growth

    Atmospheric Methane™ is pumped into specialized CVD growing chambers, where the diamond start to take shape, one ambitious atom at a time.

  • Step four: Final polishing

    Once the diamond material has been grown, it is rough cut into small cubes. Advanced software maps the material and produces a cutting plan. From there, the stones are cut and polished using traditional cutting methods.

Aether is an award-winning climate tech startup based in New York City's fabled Diamond District. They are the first and only B Corp certified diamond company in the world.

“Aether pulls the greenhouse-gas carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to create lab-grown diamonds (LGD). And an Aether diamond is uniquely differentiated from other LGD, because all others are produced from petrochemicals like methane.” -Forbes

“Aether Diamonds, a lab-grown stone company that claims to produce the world’s first diamonds from air has received one of sustainability’s highest marks of approval.” -WWD