Our choice of Diamonds

Best in class

The best natural diamonds in the world

At Cornelia Webb we have chosen to work with ECOnatural™ diamonds from Canada. 

The mines Ekati and Diavik in Canada are as of today the most forefront mines in terms of sustainability practice. To us, that means that the diamonds found in these mines are the best natural diamonds available to both people and planet.

Full traceability

ECOnatural™ diamonds come from the Ekati and Diavik mines in a remote region near the Arctic Circle.

Since the discovery of diamonds in this area in the 1990s, the mines have a proud history of protecting the integrity of the land, water, workers and wildlife. 

The mines follow strict environmental agreements between the indigenous people and federal governments, and the diamonds are traced through audited processes from origin into polished stones. 

Thanks to this collaboration, we can guarantee our diamonds' actual origin and climate footprint.

You can trace your Eco natural diamond using your certificate number.

Climate compensated Diamonds

An external sustainability agency have analyzed how much carbon dioxide emissions a diamond from the mine to our doorstep generates. Everything from the mining, the grinding process, any intermediaries and the shipping is included in the equation.

All this is then climate compensated via a Gold Standard certified tree planting project. Trees are planted for the amount of carbon dioxide released throughout the diamond's journey.

Diamond certificates

All diamonds over 0.3 carat come with a certificate from the GIA, Gemological Institute of America and an ECOcert™.

All GIA certified ECOnatural™ diamonds are minimum Very Good in cut, polish and symmetry and have none in fluorescence.

Your ECOcert™ states, among other things, in which mine the diamond was extracted, GIA's certificate number and how much carbon dioxide has been compensated thanks to you choosing an ECOnatural diamond.

All diamonds under 0.3 carat are delivered in sealed bags to us and traceable to the imported batch and accompanied by an ECOcert™.

The 4 C's - Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat of a diamond

  • Carat

    A carat is a measurement unit to specify the weight of a diamond and other precious gemstones.

    A diamond's carat weight is not consistent to the size of the diamond - it all comes down to the cut. 

    A white diamond with a weight from 0.3 carat and up comes with a diamond certificate.

  • Colour

    The diamond colour white has a gradation of white tones and in the world of diamonds, the more white a diamond is, the higher it ranks and the colour of a diamond grants its value.

    The different levels of yellow hues origins from traces of nitrogen within Earth's mantle that mix with the carbon.

    In the end, it all comes down to a matter of personal taste and how each individual perceives what is the most beautiful.

  • Clarity

    Clarity refers to the purity of our cut diamonds.

    Natural white diamonds show traces from their growth history within the diamond. These inclusions are minor internal characteristics from the colossal heat and pressure deep within planet earth.

    The clarity grading scale reflects these inclusions when examined with a 10x magnifying glass. 

  • Cut

    The cut is where the craft excels. The cut determines the size and the brilliance of a stone.

    Our round diamonds are brilliant-cut. This means they have been cut for maximum reflection of light and brilliance.

    We also offer what is referred to as fancy cuts with other shapes than round. Baguette-cut diamonds are rectangular and princess-cut diamonds are square shaped, drop shaped diamonds are pear-cut.



TW - The Top Wesselton grade is awarded to especially white diamonds and ranks in the top on the International GIA scale (F-G)

VS - Almost flawless. Under a microscope grading experts notice even the slightest inclusion, but to the naked eye a VS diamond is extremely clear and appears flawless.


The Wesselton (W) grade is next in line and lands an H (near colourless).

SI - Slightly included. Minor traces exist within SI diamonds but are generally only visible with magnification to a trained eye.