Finding the right size

Our sizing system

As with ready-to-wear clothing, different sizes are used worldwide. How rings traditionally are measured therefore depend on where you are located. 

The ring sizes within Cornelia Webb Customized Collection refers to the inner diameter in millimeter (mm).

Determining ring size

  • Depending on temperature, the sizes of fingers tend to change. For example, it may be a significant difference of your finger between summer and winter, or after a work-out. If you can, please measure your finger during different body temperatures.

  • Our team will happily guide and assist you further to determine your size if you feel insecure about the process.

  • We are aware that sometimes the ring size might need adjusting even with the best intentions and preparation beforehand, and we offer a complimentary re-sizing service after delivery.

  • When ordering, please leave a note with your requested size at checkout. 

A surprise engagement?

If you are unsure of what size to order we are happy to get you as close to perfection as possible without spoiling the secret. Then we adjust the ring to a perfect fit with a complimentary adjustment post proposal.

You can estimate the size needed by measuring the inner diameter of a ring your person already wears. 

An easy, but not bullet proof rule is to: 

Go down 0.5 mm if it is a ring normally worn on left middle or index finger. 

Go down 0.75 mm if it is a ring normally worn on right middle or index finger.

Go down 0.25 mm if it is a ring normally worn on the right ring finger.

Above goes for a right-handed person.