” Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed ” Antoine Lavoisier, The father of modern chemistry

Jewellery with transparency, traceability and circularity

Our Vision

We want to create a modern world of jewellery where everyone can thrive by implementing a sustainable mindset throughout the full chain of connected hands.

Our sustainability nitty gritty.

  • Recycled metals.
  • Circular initiative where we use customers deserted silver.
  • Ethical mining and forefront gemstone creation.
  • Small scale production.
  • Around the corner craftsmen for Made-to-order segment.
  • Renewable energy for main part of production. Italy runs on solar, Sweden on water and Bali is working on shifting to solar energy.
  • Supporting coral reef restoration in Bali.
  • Climate compensated shipping through DHL Go green program.
  • Recycled and recyclable FSC® certified packaging produced in Denmark.

Through our lens

We have reached the limits of how much we can take from planet earth. From the introduction of the industrial age we have forgotten how to live a life in symbiosis with the planet. We have lost the balance with nature.

With the realisation of this, thanks to many scientists, we at Cornelia Webb jewellery are now currently working hard on our core values and taking time to stop and reflect on “business as usual”.

Non virgin metals

Cornelia Webb works with non-virgin metals, meaning the metals are recycled and continue their life cycle with us.

For Cornelia Webb Atelier and the Made-to-order segment the recycling is done by C-HAFNER in Germany and imported to Sweden by NSG. 100% recycled.

For the Ready-to-wear Made in Italy segment the recycling of silver and brass is done locally in Arezzo by TCA, CHIMET and ITAL PREZIOSI. 98% recycled.

The Cornelia Webb partner in Bali buys their recycled metals from ABI MANUFACTURING INT CO., LTD. certified RJC, Responsible Jewllery Council member. Minimum 65% recycled.

The Silver Circularity Project

"We want to play an active part in the silver recycling chain and to involve our customers in our sustainable agenda. We collect deserted silver in our studio and provide an online voucher for the value in silver weight. Please join us, together we can make a difference."

Ethical mining

For the Made-to-order segment Cornelia Webb have chosen to solely offer ECOnatural™ diamonds from Canada online.

The mines Ekati and Diavik in Canada are as of today the most forefront mines in terms of sustainability practice.

"To us, that means that the diamonds found in these mines are the best natural diamonds available to both people and planet."

Supporting a healthy reef

Since 2011, Cornelia has been deeply connected to Bali for inspiration and developing jewellery collections.

To give back to the local environment Cornelia Webb has partnered with Karang Lestari and the Biorock© Coral Restoration Project in this region to highlight and contribute to the rebuilding of the reefs.