The Silver Circularity Project

The Silver Circularity Project

 ” Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed 

Antoine Lavoisier, The father of modern chemistry


The Silver Circularity Project simply described

Deserted Sterling silver jewellery is recycled and transformed into new objects, bearing the energy of both the present and the past.

Together we co-create a block chain where we all benefit, especially the planet who gets to keep its raw materials in the ground. As a customer you become a part of this chain by trading in Sterling silver and in return you receive the value as a voucher for a future purchase of another recycled Sterling silver piece.

The origin of the silver can be any, as long as it carries the 925 stamp, it does not need to be a Cornelia Webb piece of jewellery, but it will eventually become one.

The silver will then be sent to our manufacturer in Italy and after the purification process reused in our own production.

With the introduction of circularity, we hope to save deserted jewellery and shine a light on the important issue of honouring the raw materials we have already derived from earth.

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