1. Cornelia Webb Through Our Lens re: Sustainability

    Through our lens

    We have reached the limits of how much we can take from planet earth. From the introduction of the industrial age we, in the western world, have f...
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  2. Non virgin metals

    Non virgin metals

    All our metals are recycled, bearing the energy of both the present and the past. If you have deserted jewellery at home, stamped 18k and/or 24k, ...
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  3. The Silver Circularity Project

    The Silver Circularity Project

     ” Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed ” Antoine Lavoisier, The father of modern chemistry   The Silver Circularity Pro...
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  4. Adopt a baby coral

    Adopt a baby coral

    If you would like to contribute to the Karang Lestari restoration project, please adopt a baby coral or donate here: A custom wire structure will ...
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  5. Supporting a healthy reef

    Supporting a healthy reef

    Since 2011, Cornelia has been deeply involved with Bali for inspiration and developing jewellery collections, as well as honouring traditional cra...
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