We have reached the limits of how much we can take from planet earth. From the introduction of the industrial age we, in the western world, have forgotten how to live a life in symbiosis with the planet. We have lost the balance with nature.

With the realisation of this, thanks to many scientists, we at Cornelia Webb jewellery are now currently working hard on our core values and taking time to stop and reflect on “business as usual”.

To celebrate our 15+ years in the industry and the 10-year anniversary of the Planetary Boundaries we are looking forward to reinventing ourselves and the purposes of our products during this coming year.

As Kate Raworth, promotor of the doughnut economy, says: Today we have economies that need to grow, whether or not they make us thrive. What we need are economies that make us thrive, whether or not they grow.

Thriving has always been the lead factor for Cornelia herself, leaving the path of medicine to explore creativity and questioning what a piece of jewellery could be defined as, creating dresses of chains when the market was selling only the basic categories back in 2005.

The challenge then was to reintroduce old ways of decorating our bodies again, today the challenge is different. Now we need to question how we produce jewellery, what the relationship jewellery - carrier should look like, and with inspiration from history also the question of what a piece of jewellery can do for its wearer, is it only decoration?

It´s other habitual patterns that need to be questioned now but I believe the answers lie in the same curiosity, creativity and open-minded way, says Cornelia.


The Silver Circularity Project:

As of now in 2022, we need to bend the curves to reach a more sustainable life on the planet, in line with agenda 2030. We as a brand must take our responsibility and take action. For this reason, we have been working closely with our factory in Italy on how to be a part of the solution instead of the problem.


 Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed 

Antoine Lavoisier, The father of modern chemistry


The Silver Circularity Project simply described

Deserted Sterling silver jewellery is recycled and transformed into new objects, bearing the energy of both the present and the past.

Together we co-create a block chain where we all benefit, especially the planet who gets to keep its raw materials in the ground. As a customer you become a part of this chain by trading in Sterling silver and in return you receive the value as a voucher for a future purchase of another recycled Sterling silver piece.

The origin of the silver can be any, as long as it carries the 925 stamp, it does not need to be a Cornelia Webb piece of jewellery, but it will eventually become one.

The silver will then be sent to our manufacturer in Italy and after the purification process reused in our own production.

With the introduction of circularity, we hope to save deserted jewellery and shine a light on the important issue of honouring the raw materials we have already derived from earth.


The Rental Department - to be launched soon.

We need to reimagine the purpose of owning. We need to look for better solutions for a sustainable lifestyle both on an individual level but also on a global level. That’s why we are launching a rental section during the coming year, to reduce our footprints on a global scale and reuse instead of reproduce. 

Along with offering renting as a tryout option to a selection of our core styles we will also open up our archive to customers. Making it possible to co-own that ring that is no longer produced, or to wear that choker that Rihanna had on the cover of Tush magazine for a special occasion.


It’s our duty to align with science and realise we need to stop business as usual and move in the direction of more sustainable solutions. We hope you want to continue this fast-moving transformation with us, and thrive. 


Please contact: for any questions or partnerships for good.