Yellow metals

Yellow metals

Yellow gold

An alloy of pure gold and mostly copper and silver.

Yellow gold has traditionally been the most established choice for wedding bands worldwide, however, along with white gold, red gold is now more in demand among our clients than the more classic yellow gold. 

  • 75.1 % pure gold
  • 12.4 % fine silver
  • 12.0 % copper
  • 0.5 % zinc


Red gold is a Nordic alloy and not to be mistaken for rose gold. Red gold is similar to yellow gold but presents itself with a slightly warmer tone.

  • 75.1% pure gold
  • 7.0 % fine silver
  • 16.9 % copper
  • 1.0 % zinc

The red gold holds more copper in the alloy compared to yellow gold and the result is a sophisticated gold nuance, with a hint of warmth.