1% for the Planet

Back on one of her earlier trips to Bali, Cornelia found a coral on the beach which became the inspiration for SS19’s main story. The desire to work with corals without destroying them made her cast that found treasure to honour it not only as a celebration of its beauty but also as an awareness call about the coral reefs dying around the world.

As part of our sustainable roadmap and our ambition of working in tune with nature, we are donating 1% of the SS19 Collection sales to Bio-Rock, a non-profit organisation that supports the restoration of the heavily damaged coral reefs in Northwest Bali.

A big part of the Cornelia Webb production is set up in Bali and we hold great respect and thankfulness for all the amazing craftsmen involved in our product line there.

"Bali has given me so much for so many years now, inspiration, energy, visions, a second home and great friends and partners. It feels good to finally give something back to this very special place on earth".
- Cornelia Webb.

About the project

The Pemuteran area in Bali once had one of the richest corals communities in the world but unfortunately, the excessively high water temperatures linked to global warming and the use of bombs and cyanide by fishermen resulted in badly damaged reefs and empty underwater flora and fauna.

Professor Wolf Hilberts invented the Bio Rock method, which has been implemented in Bali since 2000. By installing coral nurseries structures made out of welded steel bars, they are able to exceptionally and rapidly restore coral reefs and again support dense fish populations. Bio-Rock also provides educational workshops and supports community development to ensure that all restoration efforts will be sustainably maintained. They have successfully transplanted 40,000 corals in 15 different locations throughout Indonesia.

The future of the planet relies on people, that’s why we encourage our suppliers, customers and any individual to join this shared mission by becoming an active participant of the Bio-Rock conservation project. If you are interested in sponsoring a baby coral, you have the chance to get your own wire built structure with your name and get it planted to grow a coral colony that will repopulate the endangered reefs. Click here if you want to support.