• Folded Tennis Bracelet Cornelia Webb Bracelet
  • FOLDED TENNIS BRACELET Cornelia Webb Bracelets
  • Folded Tennis Bracelet Cornelia Webb Bracelet
  • Folded Tennis Bracelet Cornelia Webb Bracelet

Folded Tennis Bracelet

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Tennis bracelet with crystals.

Curved and sleek cuff bracelet with white crystals mounted on the top part of the shank. Our contemporary take on a forever classic.


  • Silver-plated Brass
  • White Siamite (nanocrystal)
  • Made in Italy
  • Art No. 09.01.352.47.20
  • One size

A Tennis bracelet is a sparkly and highly desired jewellery style, but the specific name Tennis bracelet came long after its first creation in the 1920s.

In the Seventies, top-ranked tennis star Chris Evert always wore one on the court, and during a US Open match it flew off her wrist, Evert exclaimed "I dropped my tennis bracelet!" and the game had to pause while she was looking for her diamond version of the style. The rest is history, the match is since legendary and so is the bracelet, which rose to fame in her game.

It is possible to adjust an open ring or cuff to get a good fit. The piece of jewellery should be adjusted after the purchase as it will never be perfectly round again, but a personalised piece that fits your body. 

Please note that size adjustment should only be done once. Bending metal back and forth will weaken it, and then eventually break. 

Rings in the Distorted Collection holding claw set small stones are not to be adjusted. In this collection, the opening of the ring is a design feature. If the ring is manipulated the stones will not sit securely and may fall out.