• Warped Open Ring M CW Ring
  • Warped Open Ring M CW Ring
  • Warped Open Ring M CW Ring
  • Warped Open Ring M CW Ring
  • Warped Open Ring M CW Ring

Warped Open Ring Midi

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Open ring with black Siamite and claw set pearl. The ring is made of recycled Sterling silver plated in 24k gold.

Minimal look, maximum beauty in all it's simplicity. Wear on its own or in company of others - it's a superb pairing with the Warped Open Ring S. 

  • 24k Gold-Plated Recycled 925 Sterling Silver
  • Freshwater Pearl
  • Black Spinel
  • Made in Italy
  • Art No.
  • One size (17)
  • Adjustable open design. Please note you can only gently adjust the ring once, multiple bending will weaken the metal.

Balancing the root chakra has a grounding effect on the body. With its powerful energy, the Black Spinel is highly appraised among healers around the world whilst working on this chakra. Black Spinel is said to solve all the root causes of all the physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. The meaning of black Spinel is to clear out problems and to return to original state. It´s a stone of meditation and inner peace and known as a protector of the soul.

It is possible to adjust an open ring or cuff to get a good fit. The piece of jewellery should be adjusted after the purchase as it will never be perfectly round again, but a personalised piece that fits your body. 

Please note that size adjustment should only be done once. Bending metal back and forth will weaken it, and then eventually break. 

Rings in the Distorted Collection holding claw set small stones are not to be adjusted. In this collection, the opening of the ring is a design feature. If the ring is manipulated the stones will not sit securely and may fall out. 

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