Nothing is created, everything is transformed
- Antoine Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry
There is a growing understanding that everything is energy, and that our subtle energy fields, as well as our physical body react to the energies around us, and especially the things we wear: clothing and jewellery. For FW19, Cornelia invited a spiritual mentor to explore what a piece of jewellery can carry.
Corinna Springer aka Gian Kamal is a New York-based energy practitioner and author. Since the completion of her training as a Reiki Master / Teacher more than a decade ago, Gian Kamal has been studying in-depth with many renowned teachers in Meta-Physics and in the Healing Arts, all while balancing her other role working with Fashion PR in New York and expanding into conscious consulting services.
For this collection Corinna has worked with Cornelia on finding the right stone for the right piece of jewellery to work with aligning the chakras. She will also be infusing high vibrational subtle energies to amplify the stones innate properties.
Having lost our connection with mother earth, it is time to restore the balance.