• Warped Duo Heptagon Ring Cornelia Webb Ring
  • Warped Duo Heptagon Ring Cornelia Webb Ring
  • Warped Duo Heptagon Ring Cornelia Webb Ring

Warped Duo Heptagon Ring

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Open ring in recycled 24k gold-plated sterling silver with a hand-cut green Quartz. 

A showstopper of a ring, taking an unexpected turn with its warped round gemstone direction and captivating large green Quartz - a gemstone that has been exquisitely cut by hand. 

  • 24k Gold-Plated Recycled Sterling Silver
  • Green Quartz
  • White Siamite (nanocrystal)
  • Made in Italy
  • Art no.
  • One size (17,5 and adjustable to larger size).
  • Please gently adjust your ring once for a perfect, personalized fit. Multiple bending will weaken the metal.
  • Stone size: 13 x 18 mm

Green Quartz is working effectively with the heart chakra, and helps turning negative energies into positive ones. It is also famed to attract success, prosperity, and stimulating creativity. 

The Nanocrystal, Siamite, has the same elements and crystal structure as natural gems, except that they are man-made. Siamite is lead-free and created using the most modern methods in the industry and in compliance with the strictest regulatory industry norms. They can be recycled already in the production process if needed. With less waste, safe working conditions, excellent product durability and stunning appearance, Siamite is the new smart and cool kid on the block. You can sit with us!

It is possible to adjust an open ring or cuff to get a good fit. The piece of jewellery should be adjusted after the purchase as it will never be perfectly round again, but a personalised piece that fits your body. 

Please note that size adjustment should only be done once. Bending metal back and forth will weaken it, and then eventually break. 

Rings in the Distorted Collection holding claw set small stones are not to be adjusted. In this collection, the opening of the ring is a design feature. If the ring is manipulated the stones will not sit securely and may fall out.