Coloured Stones

We offer white, brown and black diamonds and coloured precious stones in the rings of our Customized collection. As standard, you can choose online between ruby red, green emeralds, blue and pink sapphires.

If you would like another gemstone or colour than those available online we will be happy to source it for you. To share some inspiration other than the choice of the classic white diamond, we have recently customized rings with champagne coloured diamonds, brown and black diamonds combined, and rings parading rainbow settings.

A brown diamond looks nothing like a musty seventies corduroy couch, that might first spring to mind. Instead, it has a lovely caffé latte tone and sparkles ever so beautifully. A brown diamond blends almost seamlessly with red gold, and is a phenomenal companion to white gold. 

A black diamond is opaque and therefore not reflecting as much light as a white or brown diamond, it is more daring, a progressive and sleek choice. 

Coloured stones are eye-catching and suitable both for wedding and engagement rings, as well as for an unforgettable gift to last a lifetime. Maybe there is a very special birthday coming up? 

We will happily assist you in creating your very special piece.