Conflict free diamonds

As precious as the diamonds are, as complicated is the history of mining them. You have probably encountered the term blood diamonds or conflict diamonds. They refer to the same issue, violent militant groups profiting from forced labour and diamond trade. A first step in regulating the diamond trade has been taken within the organisation The Kimberley Process, founded in 2003.

Diamonds are mainly mined on the African continent with Angola and Botswana as big export countries, but diamonds are also mined in other parts of the world, such as in Australia, in Brazil, Canada, China, and Russia. 

A diamond purchased with Cornelia Webb is a conflict free diamond regulated through the Kimberley Process, a trade organisation between the diamond industry and acceding Member States, whose implementation of safeguards allows the purchase and delivery of rough diamonds to reach the end consumer in a transparent, controlled and secure manner. 

Unfortunately the Kimberley Process does not address other issues concerning diamond mining, but today it is the only regulating organisation available to the worldwide diamond trade, and we are thankful for the efforts made and to be a part of a fairer diamond market and we hope even more progress will be made in the near future.